Welcome to Foxboro Sports Tavern - Naples, Florida
Welcome to FoxBoro
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Southwest Florida's Premiere Sports themed Restaurant, Foxboro Sports Tavern has 50 monitors including 12 screens, 2 60-inch giant screens, and 5 select VIP booths with private monitors of their own.

Awesome video paired with with Foxboro's 32 speaker POWERHOUSE sound system. The atmosphere is upscale and festive...almost stadium-like!

Foxboro provides the best seat in Naples to see EVERY sporting event. We subscribe to the Direct TV, Tickets for MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA, NCAA March Maddness and ESPN Game plan programming tickets as well as most University of Florida and Florida State University payperview football games.

New Englanders and locals (or Honorary Massholes) alike enjoy gathering with friends and family at Foxboro SPorts Tavern and indulging in the "Wicked Food", "Killer Cocktails", and "Awesome Service".

You will too!!