Our Story

The Birth of a Legend!


It all began on the back porch of Thom Popoli Jr. that fateful evening March 6, 2003 (on their mother Jean's birthday) hours after signing a lease on 4420 Thomasson Dr, when Big Brother looked at his "Irish Twin" Little Brother and said "Bro, I've got it! We'll call it Foxboro Sports Tavern!".


The boys agreed that their tavern should be a place that had wicked food, killer cocktails, and awesome service (and lots of TVs' too). Thom and Rob originally moving from Leominster, Mass. and Brattleboro, Vermont respectively knew they also wanted to pay homage to their home by calling it Foxboro. All New Englanders would instantly be able to identify the name of the tavern with the home town of the New England Patriots Foxborough, Mass.


The brothers Popoli worked tirelessly building bars, table tops, and booths, painting, tiling, doing everything and anything that their knowledge and ability (and credit card limits) would allow towards their goal from that March 6, 2003 until they finally ran out of both money and time and on October 31st, 2003 FoxBoro Sports Tavern finally opened doors to East Naples and the world!



Then...if that wasn't a cool enough story New England sports goes on an unprecedented run! First the Patriots win the Superbowl in February of 2004. Next the U-Conn Men and Women Sweep the NCAA Basketball Tournaments in April 2004.


Then every New England sports fans' prayer since 1918 was answered and over possibly the most exciting 11 days in Foxboro Sports Tavern history, our Boston Red Sox reverse the curse of the Big Bambino and accomplish arguably the greatest come back in sports history, turning around 0-3 deficit to rebound and conquer the "Evil Empire" to advance and win the 2004 World Series sweeping the St. Louis Cardinals in 4 straight!!


If that wasn't enough in February 2005 Tom Brady and Bill Belichick raise the dynasty question breaking the '72 Dolphins consecutive win streak on their way to the third Patriots Superbowl victory in 4 years!


All of these events brought a great deal of attention to Foxboro sports Tavern not only "Title Town South" for all New England Sports Fans, but also and most importantly as a favorite of Naples locals as well. Naples Daily News readers graciously naming Foxboro both "Best Sports Bar" star winner and "Best Pub/Tavern" champion winner!

The Popoli Family welcomes your family to our table! Enjoy our vision of "Wicked Food, Killer Cocktails and Awesome Service"! And Welcome to Foxboro Sports Tavern.